Transform the lives of people through the development of entrepreneurship

Since 2016, Equium integrates 245 high-impact and self-made entrepreneurs, whose ideas and success stories are to inspire, and companies are to scale up globally.

Global mission

Improve the life quality of people through the development and popularization of role models of high-impact entrepreneurs who are an example of achievements and a real contribution to society.

High-Impact criteria

Members of Equium must be the owner or founder of a business earning a minimum of US$1 million in revenue during the most recent fiscal year, and a minimum of 5 employees with 20% annual turnover increase.

High-Impact entrepreneur is mature in business, open in communication, with creative potential and clear and non-toxic thinking.

from 5

people in the company


annual turnover increase

50 mn

annual turnover

The main value of the club is social capital

Equium - first of all about people and their relations

Ershov Alexey


The largest increase in turnover

Osinovski Eugene


The largest increase in staff

Zabelin Alexey


Most involved resident

The key point of growth is the exchange of experience

Therefore, the club is supported by speakers, mentors and like-minded people.
By experience, we realized that there are 2 most successful formats for sharing experiences:

Board of Directors in small groups

Board of Directors in small groups

Every month

Board of Directors in small groups

Board of Directors in small groups

Horizontal exchange of experience between entrepreneurs in one region


Assistance in solving local and strategic tasks of your company


  • The technique introduced in the world business clubs
  • Closed format
  • No more than 10 entrepreneurs at a time
  • Relevant scale of companies and competencies
  • No competing businesses in the group
  • Personal case analysis based on the cumulative experience of residents
  • Duration ~ 4 hours

Meetings with speakers, experts and mentors

Meetings with speakers, experts and mentors

Every month

Meetings with speakers, experts and mentors

Meetings with speakers, experts and mentors

Club event with invited experts


Expert assessment of business within the designated topic


  • Analysis of resident cases at tables by topics
  • Practice experts in selected areas (for example, HR and finance)
  • Closed format
  • Evening meeting time
  • Duration ~ 3 hours

Equium Founder
Igor Rybakov

Co-founder of the corporation «TechnoNIKOL»

Entrepreneur, a member of the list of the richest people in Russia according to Forbes magazine with a fortune of $ 450 million.

Co-founder of the «Institute for the Acceleration of Economic Development Rybakov Fund»

Equium Founder
Oscar Hartmann

Serial entrepreneur, investor

From 2004 to 2006 he worked in the Malaysian representation of BMW.

From 2006 to 2008 he worked in the Moscow office of the Boston Consulting Group.

In 2008 he founded the marketplace KupiVIP.RU.

In 2016, headed the «Rybakov Fund»

Equium Founder
Edward Ostrobrod

Vice-President for Development of SELA

In 2000 he began working in a managerial position in the Israeli representative office of SELA Fashion Design.

In 2009, headed the Sela in China.

Since 2011, he has been the Vice-President for Development and HR of SELA Corporation

Equium Founder
Yegor Evlannikov

Co-founder of the event company Soulful Loft.

Created the highest grossing projects on  “Perviy Channel”: “Big Race”, “Minute of Glory”, “Lord of the Mountain”, “Stars on Ice”, “Ice Age”.

Since 2016, the head of Equium

Igor Rybakov
Oscar Hartmann
Edward Ostrobrod
Yegor Evlannikov

Chapters part of the club


Founded by Igor Rybakov, Oscar Hartmann, Egor Evlannikov, Eduard Ostrobrod in the position of 2016.

97 residents


Founded by Ruslan Gilyazov in April 2018.

38 residents

+7 343 363 00 89

St. Petersburg

Founded by Joseph Markovsky in August 2018

24 residents

8 (812) 426-88-66


Founded by Roman Fingelkurts in April 2018.

25 residents

+7 861 212 31 33


Founded by Ilya Rudnev in February 2019.

16 residents

+7 961 380 13 15

Rostov on Don

Founded by Vadim Scherbak in May 2019.

12 residents

+7 (928) 114 01 14


Founded by Evgeny Osinovsky

Starts in August 2019

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